Book Progress Report #8

So as I mentioned in my last update, I was deep in revisions – but since then I’ve finished that phase and have embarked on my first query submissions to literary agents.

Once I send these out to agents who are accepting unsolicited queries and are interested in the memoir genre, I’ll continue developing an outline I have in mind for my next book. Yep, when I say “Onward!” I mean it!

In other news, I finished proofreading my son-in-law’s novel, and he was so happy, he gave me his next novel to proof! The new manuscript is sitting on my coffee table, daring me to start: it is 2.5 inches thick (one-side only, double-spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman)! It tips the scales at well over 100,000 words. Just sayin’. He also featured my furry roommate, Annie, in his blog. Here’s the pic of her that he used – she had his first book covered!

Annie on Shane's manuscript

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