Rise of the Swamp Gas

Ok, people. This has gone far enough! We have a lovely channel here called Animal Planet. Can you please tell me why it features such idiotic fare as:

  • Swamp People – or something like that, close enough!
  • Bigfoot – Really, Animal Planet???
  • Gator Boys – guys with mullets rasslin’ alligators barehanded. Right.
  • Treehouse Masters – should rightfully be on the Home & Garden channel.
  • Insane Pools – ditto.
  • Redwood Kings – they have a thing for wood, this channel. But where are the animals?!?
  • Hillbilly Catfishin’ – Oh, there they are! Barehanded fishin’ – oh boy!
  • Cold Water Cowboys – what the…?? Ohh, more fishin’. Ok then.
  • North Woods Law – a lotta guns. Not a lotta animals.
  • … etc. ad nauseam.

Now, to be sure, they do have a small sprinkling of honest-to-goodness shows about animals, but not every night, and not at all times. You have to really hunt for them. Oops, I said a bad word: hunt. Forgive me.

The Animal Planet channel presents a perfect opportunity to air interesting, educational or even, yes, entertaining shows, without pandering to the lowest of the low. I know there are great animal movies and documentaries out there, and I’m sure some decent half-hour shows can also be planned that aren’t brainless, nor too expensive to produce. Hey, they might even be cheaper than that Bigfoot show… they’d save on the night-vision goggles alone.

Star of Animal Planet show?
Photo (cc) by Bob Doran



3 thoughts on “Rise of the Swamp Gas

    1. Shark Week – but wasn’t that on Discovery?
      David Attenborough! Now that’s what I’m talking about! He’s done quality stuff for sure.
      Gator Boys makes me nauseous, truly. The gators are pretty awful, too. 😉

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