Barney is PURPLE and so is my foot.

One definition of irony is: “Incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs.” Well, I think it was ironic that I went to my doctor (dermatologist) two days ago with a perfectly good left foot and toe, but departed with a foot and toe that feel BROKEN!

Let it be said that the foot/toe thing had nothing to do with the reason I was at my dermatologist’s office, and everything to do with the fact that I moved too fast at one point and walked – without looking – straight into the steel leg of a stool. Why the stool jumped right in front of my toes, I’ll never know. But suddenly I felt a STAB of pain not unlike a large rubber mallet smashing against my toes and reverberating back into my entire foot.

Okay, I’m being dramatic now. The thing is, it hurt like hell, but didn’t LOOK so bad that afternoon or night… or even yesterday. But this morning – ay yi yi!


This is the offending foot/toe. Hurts when I walk, and I have a heck of a limp. This is what, today, forced Annie off my lap and me up from my comfy recliner, into my clothes, boots and coat and downstairs to call for an Uber.

Unfortunately, after three tries my phone app told me there was none available. So I called a regular cab. As I rode in the cab to the nearest clinic, my cell phone rang. It was an Uber driver telling me he had arrived at my building. I said, “Whaaaaaaaat?!” Got rid of him fast.

Arrived at the clinic. $9.90. After 30 minutes (during which I perused the Fashion magazine which yielded one of the boo-boos for today’s Friday Follies post) I was triaged by the nurse. Saw a doctor about 30 minutes after that. “Could be broken,” he said. Ice. Tylenol. Elevate. Get a “walking boot” if possible. Wear hard-soled shoes. Referred me for an X-ray. Said I should see my family doc after a week for a follow-up.

Took taxi to X-ray Clinic. $15.18. When done, I asked the friendly technician, “So, what did you see?” She said, with a grin, “a foot.” Har har. She said they’d send a report to the referring doctor, who would then call me.

Came home with third and last taxi. $17.10.

Doc still hasn’t called me. Maybe it’s not broken. Maybe just slightly bent?

Total for the day: Taxis: $42.18.  Doctor, Nurse, X-ray technician, X-ray: FREE. This is CANADA, baby!!!

❤ ❤ ❤


19 thoughts on “Barney is PURPLE and so is my foot.

  1. I hope it gets better real soon. Glad that you have good health care. That would have been a minimum of $65 co-pay here, then somewhere around another $250-$300, for the doc and things in the Emergency Room.

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        1. Well it’s mainly grocery shopping; I need a lot! My daughter is going to help me thank goodness! I’ll see how it feels; she might end up doing it FOR me.


    1. Thanks! Yeah, I know we’re lucky! We do pay high taxes, but see, that’s where a lot of them go. Still way less than racking up huge medical bills like you guys sometimes do! xox

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