Friday Follies #81 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

We’re baaaaaack! And today the Grammar Cop is doing her duty despite being in pain.* (*Please see next post, which I’ll tackle after this one. 🙂 ) Here are some quick ‘n’ dirty gaffes for you today. Well, quick, anyway!

  1. THE SUBURBAN (of course): “…and at worst bordering on something more descriminatory and insidious.”
  2. NARRATIVE.LY (online digest): “Yet Solomon gives her program distinct flare by inviting Bruk Up dancers from Bed-Stuy.”
  3. FASHION (magazine in clinic’s waiting room – see next post!): “…which is why social media is great for models.”

And the corrections:

  1. A lousy spelling mistake mangles discriminatory. Really, newspaper reporter? You don’t even bother with Spellcheck?
  2. “Flare” should be flair. (A “flare” is a flying candle thingy you light and send up, waaay up, to get the attention of rescuers to come to your aid when your car breaks down in the wilderness or if you’re stuck up the creek without a paddle because somehow they fell into the water and you’re just floating aimlessly along and there are rapids up ahead and – gasp! Send up that flare nowwwww!!) Whereas a flair is more like panache or a sense of style. Somehow I don’t think this Solomon person means to send up a flare to invite the dancers. Although, I suppose you never know…
  3. For the umpteenth time – grrr – the Grammar Cop can only take so many repetitions of this! – the word MEDIA is PLURAL.  So it should be “social media ARE great for models.” The singular is MEDIUM. (Remember Marshall McLuhan’s famous saying, “The medium is the message”?) Now I know none of you lovely readers will ever get this wrong, of course. But I’m afraid I can’t promise the same for the editors at FASHION Magazine.

The Grammar Cop hopes these infractions will not be repeated! She is now off to elevate her foot once more. (See next post already! 😀 )


6 thoughts on “Friday Follies #81 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

  1. I didn’t catch #1 because I’m not a good speller, but I got the other two. I’m about to read the next post about whatever happened to you. Hope it won’t be too bad. Here is some pre-sympathy.

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