Friday Follies #135 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

Join the Grammar Cop and me in the dubious task of correcting these abominable aberrations. (How I love alliteration!)

  1. “Schumer, 36, posted on Instagram. ‘I want to give a big thank you to the doctors, the bad ass nurses also my husband who’s name is, I want to say, Chris?'”
  2. “In the end, it should be him and nobody else the one that must make the crucial decision on whether to get again on the rodeo ring or not.”
  3. “We offer eco friendly low emission alternatives.”



And the corrections:

  1. There are a few errors here, but the most egregious of the lot is “who’s.” The ONLY time you put an apostrophe in there is when you want a contraction for who is, such as in: Who’s going with you? or Who’s the guy who left the milk out on the table? (It’s almost always a guy. 😀 ) But to make “who” possessive, the correct word is whose: My husband whose name is… Chris. So shame on you, (Amy) Schumer.
  2. Where to start. Sooo many mistakes. Sigh. The whole rotten thing – perpetrated by a so-called journalist (albeit in a small local paper) – must be rewritten. I will take up the challenge: In the end, only he must decide whether or not to get back in the rodeo ring. Better? I think so!
  3. This is a bad case of, all together now, hyphen-o-phobia! It should say eco-friendly, low-emission alternatives. I fixed the commaphobia problem too. By the way, we can’t even say the writer was missing his/her hyphen key, because two lines down in the ad we see this: “-Chimney Liners-Gas-Oil-Wood-Pellets-” Huge eye roll.

The Grammar Cop will continue her ceaseless efforts to make the world a safer place – safer from offensive English errors. See you next week!



8 thoughts on “Friday Follies #135 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

  1. 1-If she can’t remember her husband’s name, I think she has more problems than bad grammar.
    2-This sentence was so badly written, I shall challenge the so-called journalist to a duel!
    3-The world-wide epidemic of hyphen-o-phobia is increasing at an alarming rate. Dr Mermaid prescribes several injections of grammar lessons immediately. 😀

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    1. The Grammar Cop agrees with all your statements, and proposes the formation of a Committee to Consider Appropriate Reprisals Against Those Who Murder the English Language!

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