Happiness is…

…when your son and his wife have just promised that they’re coming to visit you, and you haven’t seen them in a year and a half!

Why so long? They only live an hour and ten minutes away by plane; 6 hours and change by car. (Brooklyn → Montreal)

Jeremy & Lucy Presner
Jeremy & Lucy

Many reasons, but chiefly his work (he’s a film editor and works on contract, so he can’t get away whenever he’d like to).

So May 16 – 19 this blogger mom will be very busy! The Grammar Cop may just have to take a day off from Friday Follies on May 17, via this note to her readers:

Dear FF fans,

Please excuse the Grammar Cop’s absence today, as she is busy catching up on huggin’, yakkin’ and laughin’ with her dear son and daughter-in-law. See you on May 24!


The Grammar Cop

I, on the other hand, will see you this Monday with another edition of Laughter: The Universal Language!  😁



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