Friday Follies #23 – 4 mistakes that make me go “Arghhh”!

This week the Grammar Cop spent some time pondering why it is that ethnic-type restaurants refuse to hire proofreaders for their menus.

Why do I single out ethnic restos? For this simple reason: People whose first language is not English should not inflict their linguistic gaffes on those of us who are proofreaders. – especially when we – okay, I – could use the extra work. 😉

Feast your eyes on these, and tell me they don’t make you wince:

  1. “dinning room only” – Is it a room with a lot of noise?
  2. “vegetarian Buddist Delight” – Not a delight to this spelling perfectionist.
  3. “tofus with Oyster Sauce” – One tofu… two tofus? I don’t think so… But if I’m wrong, I’ll eat my egg roll.

Just to close this out, I have a non-menu item that I must share! This is from (Politics) – this is a copy/paste: Obama warned of those “who told us to fear the future, who claimed we could slam the breaks on change.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m slamming the “breaks” on this post right now. Because, well, those are the breaks!

5 thoughts on “Friday Follies #23 – 4 mistakes that make me go “Arghhh”!

  1. what bugs me is the advertisers who insist on creating new words, or playing on old words to attract attention. I saw this last night on TV…or is it a case of plain stupidity and poor proof reading? Ad sent separately.

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    1. As I said in Messenger, it’s just for cutesy effect. “Stuft” is not a word, of course. Oh wait!! I just looked it up, for fun, and it IS a word. The online dictionary says this: A STUFT (acronym for ship taken up from trade) is a civilian ship requisitioned for government use.

      The Falklands conflict of 1982 saw a diversity of ships taken up from trade from tankers with potable water (see British logistics in the Falklands War) and fuels, freighters carrying food and munitions and luxury ocean-going liners converted to carry troops.

      Go figure. 🙂

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