Friday Follies #126 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

The Grammar Cop has a fine batch o’ bloopers for you lovely FF fans today. Take a look!

  1. “And just like we’ve all met the lady who’s hair hasn’t changed since ‘85, we’ve also met the grandma rocking a platinum bob who looks better than anyone 40 years younger.”
  2. “This is a good short haircut for those with thick hair that want a low-maintenance cut.”
  3. “…Côte des Neiges-Notre Dame de Grâce adopted it’s 2018 budget and three-year capital works program, while…”


And the corrections:

  1. Apparently the grammar skills of this writer haven’t improved since ’85 – when he or she was about six years old. It’s not “who’s” – it should be whose, the possessive form. So the sentence should say: the lady whose hair hasn’t changed…
  2. Let’s reiterate what we spoke about some time ago. When you’re speaking about people, the pronoun referring to them should not be “that” – it should be who. So the sentence should read: This is a good short haircut for those with thick hair who want a low-maintenance cut. (Ten points for the correct hyphen in low-maintenance!)
  3. Did you spot it! Oh, I hope so! The “it’s” in this sentence is wrong! When you want to make the possessive form of it, you must use its with no apostrophe. (By inserting an apostrophe, you are making a contraction of it is.) So the sentence should say: adopted its 2018 budget and… By the way, ten points for the hyphen in three-year. But minus ten points for the omission of the hyphen between capital and works. (The Grammar Cop giveth, and the Grammar Cop taketh away. 😀 ) Both phrases modify the noun, program. Both need hyphens, but only one was inserted. I rest my case.

Alrighty, grammar geeks! Next week yours truly will change it up a little by offering you some ultra-long sentences taken from an actual (lousy) publication for you to try your luck at editing into something a tad more comprehensible; they are even worse than the sentence you’re reading right now, because at least I have heard of certain helpful punctuation marks. 🙂


13 thoughts on “Friday Follies #126 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

  1. Aww! I got the first and last one, but apparently didn’t look long enough at the second one. I thought the issue was a missing comma between ‘good’ and ‘short.’ I suppose adjectives don’t need commas until the list reaches three items or more?

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    1. Thanks for visiting! Re the comma, I think it’s probably optional. I did look hard at it myself, but since there are only two adjectives AND they are short, I’d let it pass. However, I wouldn’t let this go: There was an uncomfortable insurmountable silence… i.e., I think longer adjectives, even though there are only two of them, merit a comma. But even here, some may disagree.

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    1. 😂😂😂 You’ve nailed it! All atrocities, all the time! You know, I don’t go looking for them. They jump up and hit me in the face! I’m black and blue, I tell you! 😂

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    1. Well I hope they have little life jackets! But seriously, you may have a mild learning disability. Do you have problems reading in general? I know from your blog your writing’s fine!

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      1. Lol so do I re my eyes. I actually think I do. Looking back at school all those years ago I took a while to learn things. I was reading ahead of my age at school. Reading novels etc I am ok with. Things like maths and grammar, nouns etc I was hopeless. It could have something to do my automimune conditions.

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  2. Whose to say what skills or lack thereof may or may not have been acquired by grandma with the platinum Bob. (Is that her albino boyfriend?) [Good use of “that,” eh?]

    People that can choose “who” are low-maintenance!

    St. Patrick’s Day may be just around the corner, but its still a long way to Tipperary.

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