Friday Follies #151 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

Terrible Typos! The Grammar Cop has had it up to heere. Er, HERE!

Yes yes, I know we (the Grammar Cop and I) said we would not talk about typos, we all make them, yada yada yada. But there’s a limit, right? And that limit is now!

At the risk of disorienting those of you who have become used to my 3-errors-followed-by-3-corrections format, we are changing it up this week. You will be treated to a simple list of Terrible Typos.

In yesterday’s edition of The Suburban, on the front page alone, we have no less than *three* mistakes.

  1. In a blaring headline, white print on black background, up top above the newspaper’s name: “REMEMBER ROBILLARD: RAYS OF REASON FOR QUEBEC OR ALL PARTIES – PAGE A15”  – Uh, that should be FOR all parties. Why don’t you shout it a little louder, while you’re at it?
  2. In caption for teaser at side of page: “Montreal author Rawi Hage to launch is latest on Sept. 11.” I wonder if this was written by a francophone. In Quebec, French-speakers often omit the “h” and pronounce “his” as “is.”
  3. At end break of article: “See TRANSPORT, page A1” – Hello? This is already on page 1. Where is it continuing inside? After a search, I found the rest of the article on page 11.

I was going to continue this piece with a list of the 17 typos I counted in one article a couple of weeks ago – from “secretely” to “accopmplished” – but I figured no one would believe me.

YUGE eye roll.



13 thoughts on “Friday Follies #151 – Making Grammar Great Again, One Hyphen at a Time

  1. I think your being to harrrrd on these pour newspapery typos… er… types. Secretely is a perfecly gouda word: its the surreptitious leeking of likwid. Me, I never make misteaks or typos. And if done by im in all caps, white on black, so mooch the bitter! 🙂

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  2. I notice big mistakes by the news agencies I follow online and I think they try to outdo other news gathering sources … “we’re first with the story” (ya, but you made so many typos that it is isn’t funny) and even readers make comments on the typos, especially the headline typos!

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      1. P.S. – My headline for today’s post was “Flora and Fawna” … I made sure later in the post to write “fauna” so people didn’t think I made a spelling mistake up top. I used a picture of a doe and her fawn that were in the Park for my header photo, so I hoped people made the connection. 🙂

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