Please, please, please…

…be careful out there!

Happy Passover! Happy Easter!

But… please heed the words of Dr. Lisa Iannattone, who has tweeted re our Omicron risk:

  1. Since our [Quebec] Premier isn’t willing to tell you the truth, I’ll do it. At 60,000 cases a day (>400,000 a week), if you haven’t already caught BA.2 in the last 3-4 weeks, you will almost certainly catch it this weekend if you socialize indoors, unless you make a very big effort not to.
  2. That effort includes: – small group – no one with symptoms recently – no one with at risk activities in the last week (which is anything that involves being indoors without a mask) – negative rapid tests just before – ventilation (open windows) and HEPA filtration – everyone 3x vaccinated.
  3. Honestly high-risk individuals at the gathering should consider wearing an N95 when not eating, especially if there are obvious holes in the safety strategy. Alternate strategy is to gather outdoors. Still be sure to check that everyone is symptom-free and tests negative.
  4. Does that seem like a lot? I agree, it is. But that’s what it takes to stand a chance with the “personal responsibility to not get infected or infect others” strategy when leadership has allowed us to reach >400,000 cases/week just before foreseeable holiday gatherings. Again.

Please take care. 💖💝💗

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